Innovative Beverage Logistics Solutions

A wide choice of pallet handler models, capacities, widths and fork openings is supplied to satisfy the requirements of all industries, in particular, soft drink industries, breweries, mineral water bottling plants, food industries, brick industries.

Innovative Beverage Logistics Solutions
 Beverage and pallet logistics today

Recent trends have changed the conditions of use of forklift truck and attachments significantly: today's demands are not only oriented on the initial cost prices of the materials handling equipment, but more and more focus on increasing the efficiency in the overall logistics process.
The concept of Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the equipment therefore considers not only the investment, but also the efficiency of usage, reliability and availability, easy servicing, energy efficiency and, last but not least, the environmental sustainability. We as BOLZONI Group anticipate these aspects in our continuous product improvement processes.

Innovative Beverage Logistics Solutions
From the inventor of multiple pallet handling

in 1984 MEYER invented a forklift truck attachment to either handle one or two pallets at a time, the first Multiple Pallet Handler worldwide, therein setting a standard which has significantly influenced and shaped todays modern and efficient materials handling logistics.

Innovative Beverage Logistics Solutions

A full range for efficient logistics
 A full range for efficient logistics

Bolzoni Auramo supplies a solution for every need: from the standard 2or1 Pallet Handler up to specialised attachments for handling up to 8 pallets at a time. Tailor-made solutions are designed and produced on request - the Bolzoni Auramo engineers provide answers to many applications and requirements in the bottling, glass manufacturing, food, paper and building material industries and general logistics.

Total cost of ownership
Total cost of ownership

With the invention of the unique Shaft Guide Concept for multiple pallet handlers, combining for the first time an optimum of operational visibility, safe working conditions, lowest life cycle cost with a high level of efficiency and reliability, already at that time anticipated trends in the forklift truck industry that are today’s expectations in full maintenance operations.
With the Automated Lubrication System, being an integral part of this guide system (international patent), Bolzoni Auramo offers a unique concept. Reduced life cycle costs and extended maintenance intervals adapted to the forklift truck service intervals, characteristics required by modern logistics processes, predetermine these forklift truck attachments for fleet and full maintenance operations.

Benchmark in Efficiency - The MEYER Shaft Guided Pallet Handlers
 Benchmark in Efficiency

The basis of innovation leadership is continuity - with the Generation G Multiple Pallet Handler Coupled with a significant reduction of the attachment weight, the engineers succeeded in optimizing the already excellent visibility.
The Automated Lubrication System further minimizes the consumable component wear and, once more reduces the overall operating costs.

Benchmark in Flexibility - The MEYER Profile Guided Pallet Handlers
Benchmark in Flexibility - The Bolzoni Auramo Profile Guided Pallet Handlers

The new Profile Guided Pallet Handler stands out in many aspects: the chassis and arm design underwent an extremely demanding cycle test with a test load twice the nominal load that it is designed for, surpassing more than 1 Million cycles successfully.
Next to its robustness the new design embodies the typical product advantages that Pallet Handlers are well appreciated for: cleanliness in operation, fast operation speed with equal forks travel, and an optimum of visibility on all operation levels.
The ISO 2/3 Dual Mounting Chassis and the modularity of the guide concept allow a maximum of versatility, e.g. in fleet operations.