Bolzoni-Huaxin (HEBEI) Plant

Bolzoni-Huaxin (HEBEI) Plant

Bolzoni-Huaxin (HEBEI) is the result of a joint venture between BOLZONI SpA, Italy (60%) and Hebei Jing County Huaxin Forks Co. Ltd., China (40%). The factory is located in the new industrial district of Longhua strongly vocated to fork manufacturing, guaranteeing a highly specialized workforce on this product. The high concentration of steel factories ensures a constant flow of raw material. The location in an area logistically well served, thanks to the proximity to the Highway and the Tianjin port, means excellent lead times for products.
The initial plant production capacity of 200.000 pieces per year can be increased to 500.000 per year. The forks produced range from 1 to 6 ton capacity for hook-on standard ISO class versions up 15 ton capacity for special application versions

Target Markets

Thanks to the extensive BOLZONI Group sales network, forks are distributed worldwide.
The Bolzoni-Huaxin (HEBEI) stock provides forks to China, the majority of Asian markets,Europe and USA.


The production in Bolzoni-Huaxin (HEBEI) combines both advanced technologies and efficient high-capacity processes, and includes:

  • Prime quality steel offering good welding characteristics and strong resistance to wear.
  • Innovative and highly automated production process.
  • Automated welding of upper and lower hooks with a robotic system, granting better quality of the welding, quality repeatability and higher process speed.
  • Complete heat treatment with hardening and tempering on the entire fork, providing the best quality and reliability.